Neighbourhood Cinema


Neighbourhood Cinema is a pop up immersive cinema experience! Created to bring theatre and film together to deliver cult classic movies to your very own neighbourhoods!

We decided it was time that all neighbourhoods had the chance to experience their favourite cult cinema classics in a completely new way! This christmas as we have transformed a 100yr old church into an enchanted ice palace. We believe in bringing the local communities together with our events - the perfect date night, family outing or

Our venues weather indoor or outdoors are  unusual, unique and exciting! And will always reflect the films being shown! Our staff are trained to bring you the best personal experience possible whilst you are with us. We want you to have the best experience possible.

Hailing from Bucks our creator Shanay Holmes decided it was time to bring the excitement of London's west end to her home county of Bucks! She says “ I take my family to the theatre a lot when I'm not performing myself. After visiting a pop up cinema last year I had the thought of why is there nothing like this to do in Bucks?! Why shouldn't this type of experience be accessible to everyone.” Hence we bring you Neighbourhood Cinema.